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I'm working on a new album to be released this year.  It's been a while since my last EP. I've compiled a real nice repertoire of tunes produced by Eldridge Goins.  I'm excited for everyone to hear the new sounds on my first full-length album!  Please sign up for the mailing list for updates. Pre-order and donation links will be coming soon.  Recording takes a lot of time and money any support would be greatly appreciated!  More details coming soon.

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About Marshall

If the last name Hood sounds familiar to you - that's because it probably is. The Hood legacy thus far includes Champ Hood, original member of the many-would-say-genius Uncle Walt's Band, and long-time guitarist for Lyle Lovett, and Warren Hood, ace fiddler and composer for The Waybacks, The Bodeans, and his own band, Warren Hood and the Goods. Those are big shoes to fill, indeed, but Marshall Hood, the youngest link in the Hood chain, rounds out a family of wildly talented musicians with effortless guitar work and a knack for crafting the most charming of songs – so reminiscent of his Uncle Champ it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference.



After a successful run in high school with The DesChamps Band, a band he founded to honor Champ after his passing in 2001, Marshall made the pilgrimage to Austin, TX and began accompanying famed Austin singer, Toni Price, on her long-running residency at the renowned Continental Club. It would be here, of course, where Marshall firmly planted his roots and became a fixture in the eclectic Austin music scene. Marshall took a brief hiatus from Toni Price’s band from 2007-2011, though, touring the country with the young Americana group, The Belleville Outfit - making stops along the way at major festivals like Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo, and Merlefest. As an original member of The Belleville Outfit, Marshall recorded and released two critically acclaimed, independent albums, and picked up a nomination from the Americana Music Association for Best New/Emerging Artist.


After The Belleville Outfit disbanded in 2011, Marshall returned playing with Toni Price, and began playing with The Warren Hood Band.  During this time he formed the Marshall Hood Band, holding a residency Sundays at The Continental Club.  He also joined Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs, and has performed weekly at a beloved local Austin house concert -Marshall Hood’s Mojo Working Happy Hour, hosted by Sessions on Mary.  He also performs in "David Ball and that Carolina Sound", promoting and paying tribute to Uncle Walt's Band, consisting of David Ball and the late Walter Hyatt and Champ Hood. The long awaited solo album is his focusnow, and is currently in the works!. Much like the famed Uncle Walt's Band, Marshall’s songs can’t be pigeonholed into any one category - they transcend genre. But with a keen lyrical sense and subtly catchy melodies to match, it won’t matter what you call it, you’ll be too busy humming along.